Halloween Events 2017

Ghost Party-Haunted Halloween since 2007


Your location or our Haunted Mansion or Haunted School House for the best Halloween fun in Tampa . We have all the night vision ghost hunting equipment to turn your party into the one everyone talks about for years to come! 

We still have space for your 2-3 hour Ghost Hunters party or your private overnight lockdown experience at the Haunted Mansion. Halloween for kids and adults.

Call or text for more details or help with Halloween ideas.

1 Night Halloween Trip to Haunted Destination

We have several packages from 2 hour drive to 6 hour drive with paranormal guide and 1 night in a haunted hotel and ghost hunt in worlds most haunted locations!

Friday the 13th Haunted School House Investigation & Ybor CIty Haunted Mansion Overnight Lockdown Midnight to 5am!

Don't wait, booking now for Halloween and Friday the 13th Private Parties and Paranormal Teams today!